Swedish Bee Company

Swedish Bee Company offer bees as an Ecosystem Service for a sustainable society.

We produce honey, bee pollen and offer bees for sale or rent. 


My name is Mats Olofsson and I am the founder and CEO of Swedish Bee Company. I have an exam from a Higher Vocational College of Professional Beekeeping and a journeyman’s certificate in the profession of bee keeping,

It all started with an idea to get closer to nature. I took a class in beekeeping and I was stuck. I was fascinated about how the bee colony works and about the vital role bees play in nature and for pollination. Beekeeping can give fantastic experiences from nature. Imagine a late summer evening. Everything in nature grow so that you can see and hear it. The evening is warm, the light is still there, and you stand watching the bees that fly and collect nectar and at the same time perform an important Ecosystem Service which we all are depending on.
- That´s why I’m a bee keeper. Join us you also. We will help you. 

You will find us in Växjö, county of Kronoberg, in the deep woods of Sweden.

All our bees are Buckfast and come from tested breeding material. You are welcome to contact us if you want to buy- or rent bees, buy Swedish honey or Swedish bee pollen or just want to exchange experiences.


  • For sale we offer over wintered colonies (sold out for 2020!), nucs and package bees. You will find them under the tab “KÖPA BIN” in the upper left on the starting page. This offer is valid in the EU and Norway.
  • If you are eager to join us in the making of Ecosystem Services, we offer bees for rent in bespoke-designed solutions from your request. In a standard solution we place 1-2 colonies which we then take care of for you. You will get 20 kg of drop canned honey per colony. There is also one lecture per year that you can use for e.g. customer events. You will find this under the tab” HYRA BIN” in the upper left on the start page. Rent of bees is limited to Sweden.
  • If you are a commercial beekeeper and need help in the apiaries for shorter or longer periods during the season, send me a note and we can discuss a suitable arrangement. This offer is valid worldwide. 
  • For sale we also offer Swedish honey and Swedish bee pollen. If you are a purchaser of such products for your business, follow this link "HONUNG/POLLEN" or take a look at the tab at the top of the start page. This offer is valid world wide.