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We produce Swedish honey under our brand name

Have you considered that beekeeping is an ecosystem service?

As beekeepers, we contribute to a sustainable society by taking care of our bees to provide ecosystem services.
through pollination. In return, we get a great nature experience and our own honey!

THE HONEY of Sweden is Swedish premium honey.

Swedish Bee Company offers Swedish honey under our brand >> The Honey of Sweden.

The honey comes from our own bees and from our carefully selected partners - Swedish beekeepers we know well.

The Honey of Sweden is exported to several countries such as Japan and Hong Kong and is also available in the south of France and in Sweden.
Our vision is to offer different types of Swedish honey that can represent Sweden to a Swedish and international quality-conscious audience.

Our bees are located in sparsely populated parts of Sweden in a varied landscape of forests, meadows and scattered small farms. Each harvest is unique and has a different color, taste and texture. Even bee colonies that stay in the same place year after year produce different types of honey because the weather at the time affects flowering. The taste of honey is really the taste of a place. We take pride in allowing nature to take its time and letting the bees do their job, as they have done for millions of years, before harvesting the honey. Honey should ripen. It's slow tech, and we call it slow honey.

About us

Swedish Bee Company - Ecosystem services for a sustainable society


My name is Mats Olofsson and I run the Swedish Bee Company. as an ecosystem service to contribute to a sustainable society.

It all started with an idea a few years ago to get closer to nature. I took a course on beekeeping and became fascinated by how the bee community works and the crucial role bees play in nature and pollination. Beekeeping can provide a great experience of nature.

Imagine a late evening at the end of May. Everything in nature is growing rapidly. It is light, the evening is balmy and you are standing there watching the bees fly and collect nectar while performing an important ecosystem service that we all benefit from and depend on. Fabulously beautiful. That is why I am a beekeeper.

I have a degree from the Vocational College for Beekeeping and a Journeyman's Certificate in Beekeeping. I am an approved beekeeper and a member of Biodlingsföretagarna.

We are based in Växjö in Småland.

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Phone: 070-455 82 92
Mail: info@swedishbeecompany.se

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