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Swedish Bee Company produces pure Swedish natural honey and bee pollen under our brand



THE HONEY OF SWEDEN is pure premium natural Swedish honey and bee pollen from Swedish Bee Company.

We put an honor in letting the nature take its time and the bees to do their job, as they have done it for millions of years, before we harvest the honey. It is slow tech, and we call it slow honey.Pure honey is a fantastic food product. No processing, nothing added just ready to eat straight from nature. Our honey is handled gentle with care to keep the different aromas and wholesome qualities.

Our bees are placed in sparsely populated areas of Sweden with woodlands, meadows, and small farms in a mixed landscape. Every harvest is unique and will have different color and taste. The color and taste depend on the flowers where the bees collect nectar and the soil where the flowers grow. Because of this the taste of honey is the taste of a place.

When bees forage nectar they also get covered in pollen. When visiting the next flower some of the pollen falls off end that flower is fertilized. In this way bees provide an important eco system service that provides for berries and fruit to develop and grow.

The bees also brings pollen back to the hive in pockets on their hind legs. When passing through special pollen collectors some of the pollen falls off. We harvest this pollen every day during some short summer weeks. We freeze, dry and rinse the pollen before it is bottled.